Nokia Lumia Play with Microsoft Xbox Technology

nokia play

Mobile gaming is the latest trend in this industry with longer battery timing and faster processors people prefer to buy portable gaming solutions rather than big and bulky home gadgets. That’s why Sony PSP is very popular and came into our minds but still it needed to be more flexible and fast enough to play […]

Apple iSiri Concept Smart Watch

apple isiri smart watch small

After the release of Apple’s revolutionary first iMac computer world has totally changed and many other companies try to copy Apple products and concepts. They are not only inventing products but which actually change the way we live like iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod shuffle etc. But this time they are working on a very unique […]

USB Flash Drive with Wi-Fi

Paketta wireless USB flash drive

Although after the invention of portable hard-drives USB flash drive are becoming less worthy day by day due to their low storage capacity and short life span. But the biggest advantage they got over other memory media is the size which is really very small when compare to the portable hard-drives. Also you have to […]

5 Amazing Gadget Innovations of 2012

google glass

Since the invention of personal computers the world is transformed very quickly and now you see gadgets every where around us. Specially after the invention of Apple iPhone smartphone industry as well as technology world is sinning like a star. Year 2012 has gone by and we have seen many new radical changes in technology […]

Top 10 Gadgets of 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

I really like technological innovation. Why? Because it is improving so quick. Actually it is the same purpose why I dislike it. Just think about it, the best cellphone of these days will be just another common cellphone a few several weeks from now! This is crazy! The search for the top 10 new gadgets […]

10 Most Expensive Gaming Gadgets of all Time

Nintendo Wii Supreme

You will be amazed to see the top 10 most Expensive Gaming Gadgets of all Time. Game playing is not exactly a inexpensive activity, but there are some things that even the greatest price range would not provide. Or should not, even if it could. Between the systems, the components and the activities themselves, gaming […]

Concept Nintendo Tablet PC

Concept Nintendo Tablet PC

Nintendo one of the popular gaming console manufacturer and world’s biggest gaming company when it comes to revenue. After the introduction of smartphones and tablet computers there are some people who think that its time to find a gaming solution which also involves a touch screen. Obviously you can play games on your smartphones like […]