Xbox One vs Playstation 4


The anticipation for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one has been building since both systems were announced earlier this year at E3. While some gamers are die-hards who would never switch systems, the release of a new console allows for people to consider a possible change if they see things that they might enjoy more. […]

How to Install Microsoft Office On iPhone, iPad, And Nexus 7

office on ipad small

Microsoft is very keen to bring its premium software Office suite to the new and emerging devices like iPhone, iPad, and Nexus 7 but for this to happen you have to wait. But there is a third part solution by hitherto named as CloudOn which allow you to install and use the Microsoft Office on […]

Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8 Pro in just $15

microsoft windows 8 offer

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro discount promo code – Microsoft has released its most advanced operating system Windows 8 Pro with support to touch devices and regular computers as well. After windows 7 many people were guessing that this version will be huge flop due to the facet that last version was very successful. But Windows […]

Top 5 All-in-One Windows 8 Computer under $1000

microsoft windows 8 all in one pc

Recently Apple introduced the very slim and attractive design of iMac which was very appreciated among audience and critics. Although it compromises the CD Rom but in this age of fast internet you don’t need it unless you are a hard core gamer. Its slim 5mm edge looks amazing and its hard to believe that […]

Microsoft Windows 8 Now Available

mircosoft windows 8 surface

Microsoft Windows 8 is now being officially launched and becomes reality. As we all know that Windows 8 is designed to be compatible with touch devices such as smartphones, tablets as well as PC’s. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the Windows 8 and RT versions at press conference in New York and it will be […]

First Microsoft Surface Tablet Commercial Released

Microsoft Surface Tablet

As you may already know that Microsoft will release Surface Tablet computer along with Windows 8 on 26 October. First they released the Windows 8 stunning ad and now first ever Microsoft Surface Tablet commercial released. As we see in the past when they announced the surface tablet back in June than the ad was […]

Windows 8 is Coming – First Commercial Released

windows 8

Microsoft windows 8 release date is announced and its first ever commercial is also being launched today. It will be released on 26 October 2012, Steven Sinofsky who is the president of Windows Live Division at Microsoft disclose this information at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting. After the success of Windows 7 many critics are saying […]