Xbox One vs Playstation 4


The anticipation for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one has been building since both systems were announced earlier this year at E3. While some gamers are die-hards who would never switch systems, the release of a new console allows for people to consider a possible change if they see things that they might enjoy more. […]

Sony Unveiled the PlayStation 4

playstation small

If you are very found of gaming and specially the gaming consoles created by Sony than there is a good news for you that after almost 6 years they are going to launch PlayStation 4 in the last quarter of this year. Its amazing that one of the giants of gaming industry took so many […]

Sony Xperia P Coated with 24 Carat Gold

Sony Xperia P Coated with 24 Carat Gold

Sony Xperia P is the best smartphone series Sony have and now there is a good news for its lovers that this model will also available in 24 Carat Gold. Of course it will be limited edition series and expensive too but the good thing is this that Sony is experimenting with some different ideas. […]

Sony Xperia miro – Fun Social Smartphone


Sony Xperia miro is a new fun social smartphone full of colors and your favorite people. This particular model is specially for those people who love to remain close to their friends and want to share each and very thing with them. its amazingly slim, beautiful in design and you can choose from variety of […]

Sony Ericsson txt – Messaging Phone

Sony Ericsson txt specs features

Sony Ericsson txt features is a messaging phone designed to meet the requirements of people who love chating and messaging on phone. Specially when you have to facility to connect your mobile with internet than it open evens more possibilities like Facebook and twitter. So for social networking fans it becomes even more important that’s […]

Sony Xperia Tipo Budget Smartphone


Sony Xperia Tipo is a budget Smartphone from the makers of Sony also known as Sony Tapioca, Sony ST21i, Sony ST21a with some exciting new features. They launch this right at the first anniversary of Sony¬†Xperia Sola smartphone which is already gaining some popularity in the market. The biggest update we see in Sony smartphones […]

Sony Xperia Sola with World’s Sharpest Smartphone Display

Sony Xperia Sola red

Sony Xperia Sola is the new mobile from the makers of Sony with World’s Sharpest Smartphone Display. Recently Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 created a real hype for the best smartphone screen but infect Apple’s Retina display and Nokia’s OLED screen is some how not brighter or sharper than the Sony Xperia Sola. […]