LG G Pad Tablet Review, Worth the Price?


LG continues to play catch-up to Apple and Samsung. They appear to be gaining ground though with the release of their G Pad tablet. Their latest Android tablet aims to be a main competitor to the iPad as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note. Does it have what it takes to top them though? The […]

Samsung Galaxy Note II vs HTC DROID DNA

Samsung Galaxy Note II vs HTC DROID DNA

Looking at what happened this season alone, it’s a secure contact to announce it as the season of the phablets, especially considering we’ve seen a few gadgets forcing the 5-inch level. In the last few several weeks though, we’ve seen the very best in this classification, as the New Samsung Universe Observe II presented the […]

Top 5 Amazing Convertible Notebooks

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible

Convertible Notebooks are getting more and more popular now a days because it has the functionality of laptop as well as touch screen tablet. Its human nature that they don’t want to carry more stuff with them when they are on the go so Convertible Notebooks really solve this problem and you can enjoy the […]

10 Awesome iPad mini Cases

apple ipad mini case

The revolutionary iPad mini has already being announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook and 7.9 inch model is fairly easy to carry all the time with you. The biggest advantage you get with this is that you can hold it with just one hand and operate it with your thumb. Also the retina display makes […]

Apple introduces the iPad Mini


Apple introduces the iPad Mini in a special event held at SAN JOSE, CA on October 23. As MobileTechCity predicts few days ago about the iPad mini rumors and specs the real product is very close to what we have suggested. Its going to be the another gigantic product from Apple as there was very […]

Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Keyboard Dock

Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Keyboard Dock

Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Keyboard Dock – Ever since Apple introduces the iPad tablet computer into the market lots of other companies including Samsung also introduced the much improved tablets like Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which really shock thew tech world. With the ability to write and draw on the screen it opens the new […]

First Microsoft Surface Tablet Commercial Released

Microsoft Surface Tablet

As you may already know that Microsoft will release Surface Tablet computer along with Windows 8 on 26 October. First they released the Windows 8 stunning ad and now first ever Microsoft Surface Tablet commercial released. As we see in the past when they announced the surface tablet back in June than the ad was […]