Download Mozilla Firefox 17 for Windows, Mac & Linux

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Mozilla Firefox is the second most used browser in the world after Google Chrome and that’s why they release an update of their browser every month or so. Last month they release the Mozilla Firefox 17 Beta version but this time the full download version is available via official website. This version can be used on Windows platform, Apple Mac and Linux. Users who are using the older version of it can update via Help tab present in the menu bar or via the Mozilla’s FTP servers.

mozilla firefox 17
Firefox’s biggest competitor Google Chrome has an advantage of sleek design and power of Google that is why its getting more and more popular day by day. Google also start shipping the cheap Acer C7 Chromebooks for low budget users which also contains Google Chrome browser which means that it will become more popular and used in future.

There are a lot of upgrades for designers, too. JavaScript Charts and Places are now StrokePaint, SVG FillPaint and iterable have been applied, and with the Web System, Debugger and Designer Plugin a lot slicker than ever before, those worried with the innards of the well known web browser should be all over this upgrade.

The new version has many new features including the click-to-play blocklisting feature which stops the malicious code scripts to execute behind the scenes. While Apple users running Mountain Lion will get notification when some bad script try to find the security loop hole and break into your system. Using Firefox 17 on windows 8 is a charm and it gives now the very close competition to Google Chrome but still my choice and default browser is still Chrome.

Download Mozilla Firefox 17 Now

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  1. Mudassir says:

    Thanx for the information I love working on Mozilla Firefox because of its addon now I will be able to use on my MAC.

  2. Funtu Nomi says:

    really what great post and very informative post and your points are very interesting points thanks for the sharing me

  3. Mantolama says:

    Firefox is the ultimate browser, i really like it.

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