First Microsoft Surface Tablet Commercial Released

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As you may already know that Microsoft will release Surface Tablet computer along with Windows 8 on 26 October. First they released the Windows 8 stunning ad and now first ever Microsoft Surface Tablet commercial released. As we see in the past when they announced the surface tablet back in June than the ad was very creative and aggressive which shows the intent of Microsoft. Previously they were creating very ordinary ads which ads no value to their product but now they know that they are competing with one of the most advanced mobile companies like Apple and Samsung so they have to set the standards in advertisements too.

Microsoft Surface Tablet
The ad actually focuses more on Kick stand and detachable keyboard rather than any thing else. Also some critics are saying that they also more dancers in this add which makes it little anoyying. On the other hand this can be a fun than you can swap your keyboards with your friends. Of course keyboard can be sued as protective cover for surface and Kick stand allows you to watch movies on the go or use your tablet as laptop. So this ad is no doubt the biggest step towards the actual release of tablet and soon this will be available for you to buy and enjoy.

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  1. Surface is no doubt a cool tablet, but the price at which it has been projected is whopping. It gonna be tough competition between Surface RT, New iPad and Android tablets.

  2. brajesh kumar verma says:

    surface is really a good tablet….but there is tough competition….

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