Flying Robots Demonstration at TED 2012

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Flying Robots Demonstration was presented by Mr. Vijay Kumar at TED 2012 which was very warmly appreciated by the audience and around the world. Some years ago if you remember a quad-triple flying machine was introduced with camera and wireless control which really shook the world. But at that time it was not very response and intelligent enough to handle the different obstacles. But Mr. Vijay Kumar and his team won the hearts of people by introducing the flying quadrotors in TED 2012 with some many new features and intelligent enough to operate in outside world without GPS. This is the machine which will really revolutionize the robots industry and our future too.

Flying Robots
Before you watch the video here is the quick review, the quadrotors flying machines are basically the helicopter with four rotors spinning around their respective axes. Now in order to move the machine they increase or decrease the rotors spin cycle and hence it can be fly or hover over the same place. In order to tilt and move sideways they use the opposite rotors in a very intelligent way. By increasing the speed of one rotor and decrease the speed of other the flying machine will tilt without any extra hardware. This dramatically reduces the size and weight of the quadrotors making it the ideal for very small locations like to locate the missing person in an earthquake effected building or to find-out the exact location of enemy in any building.

The most interesting part of this flying robot is that it can operate in outside world without any GPS and manual instructions. It uses its own camera and laser beam to recognize the objects around it and create a map so that it can find the way between obstacles. Also it is so intelligent that it can remember the path and hurdles which come in its way so that it can avoid them easily in future.

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  1. Amazing Technology! These robots are Incredible. Do you have any Idea about it’s price?

  2. Comics Download says:

    Would love a few of these for my house, they could hold my drinks!

  3. omg these are so cool! they could be really useful around the house; I heard that in japan they have servant robots that help out around the house folding laundry, waking you up, playing music, even making simple foods like toast! I hope these types of robots are released to the public soon!

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