Google releases Android Jelly Bean 4.2

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A new flavor of Google Android Jelly Bean 4.2 has been released with some new features and enhancements. According to Google the new version is much faster and simple to use than its previous versions which makes it really interesting. The main highlight of this update is new camera features which is beyond the imagination of smart camera. New form of typing with Gesture Typing which makes it easy for you type messages and email with super fast speed. Now watch all your portable devices content on your big screen TV with the help of wireless display adapter.

Google Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Simple and beautiful interface

One of the coolest features on Android operating system is that it always have very simple, clean and beautiful interface which allows even kids to operate digital devices easily. With the help of fully customize screen design options one can change the every look and feel of the table with few taps also its a multi-user platform which means that each and every user will have its own user interface, wallpapers and themes.

Watch Content on Big Screen

After the introduction of Airplay features in IOS devices like Apple iPhone 5 etc Google also work on this features and now Android users can also play videos, pictures slide shows and any thing which is present on their mobile device to the HD big television screens with the help of wireless display adapter. Just plugin the adapter to the HDMI-enabled TV and enjoy content on big screens.


Like we have screen savers on our computers Google Android Jelly Bean 4.2 have this features to display your photos and useful information which your mobile or tablet is not in use. You can also set the feature to display information from web like to show news from Google Currents or to display weather reports etc.

Fast and smooth

Creating an operating system is not the only thing which matters. Users now have so much functionality and options that they can easily go to the other manufacturer that’s why Google is constantly working on Android OS to make it really fast and smooth while you browse.

Widgets work like magic

Fully customize your device home screen with icons or widgets what ever you like. With widgets on home screen you can instantly activate them with just one tap and all the other icons on the screen will automatically be adjusted to make room so that it looks nice and clean.

Amazing Photo Sphere Camera

Adjust your camera at one place and navigate around with arrow keys to find the right location. This is some thing very new to digital camera world and opens the new doors in digital life style. Android Jelly Bean 4.2 also give you the functionality to combine all your pictures in a one panoramic picture. Instantly capture photos and share them on your Google plus account with just one tap.

Gesture Typing

Ever wanted to type fast on your digital device than Gesture Typing is just right for you. What it does is that it automatically puts the space between your words by judging the amount of free time. Just delay the faction of a second while typing words and ti will automatically put the space in between them. Also it has the ability to predict next words in your sentence and Android’s dictionaries are much more powerful and accurate.

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    Myself big fan of Android, i am regular user of ICS and ready to taste Jellybean.

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