Nokia 808 PureView with 41 MegaPixel Camera

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Nokia is mainly popular for its mid budget mobile phones equipped with features that most people like. Although not remains in a big news like Apple and Samsung do but this time Nokia just stunned the technology world with its new mobile handset Nokia 808 PureView featuring 41Mega Pixel camera.

Yes you read it right no one have ever seen such a high range of camera in mobile phone. This cellphone is really a good news for photographers means they don’t have to carry there heavy and bulky digital camera’s with them. Nokia released this phone in MWC 2012 now lets review it and see if they are promoting it rightly or not.

The Design.

I think that one of the drawback of this handset is its size and thickness but it have to be to accommodate the 41MP camera. If you want such a high end feature than you should compromise on it. Again its on a heaver side when it comes to its weight with staggering 165 grams you will definitely feel it when you put it into your pocket.

Screen Size and Display.

Not the biggest of touch screen only 4 inches wide as you may see in other Nokia mobile phones like Nokia Lumia 900 with 4.3 inches wide screen. With AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16 million colors and 360 x 640 pixels resolution thought its not the brightest of screens present in the market. That’s why this smartphone is not too big and not too small from my likings. It contains latest AMOLED and ClearBlack screen technologies for a smooth and crystal clear sharp images. It even displays perfectly in a full bright shinny day which means you can enjoy it while you are on the go to your holidays.

Processor and Memory.

This is not the main feature of this phone instead its has same 1.3GHz single-core processor based on ARM11 architecture used by Nokia in all other top models. With 1 GB ROM and 512 MB RAM this beast it quite capable of playing smooth Nokia Connect and Entertain Belle experience. With 16 GB internal storage and 32 GB external memory card support this is rally a portable music station for music lovers.


As Nokia has already rolled out its Symbian operating system for mobiles and they adopted Android OS but surprisingly they have again shifted there focus from Android to Nokia Belle platform with Feature Pack 1 enhancements. Software is very responsive and its multiple home screens make sure that all your applications are easy accessible and quickly too.


The feature which makes the Nokia 808 PureView popular is its 41 Mega Pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Gone are the days when you have to used digital camera for high end photography. The camera application consists of basic controls and capturing images on 4 inch touch screen device is really a joy. With xenon flash and LED light you will definitely be able to capture images in dark. This handset is also capable of capturing full HD 1080p resolution video.

Connectivity and Battery.

As you can expect in high end mobile phone it has all the connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, Edge, NFS and microUSB. It has heavy 1,400 mAh battery with stand-by time of Up to 465 hours and Talk-Time of up to 11 hours.


The Nokia 808 PureView Price qeemat in Pakistan is Rupees 54,000/- and in dollars you can purchase it in $600.

Nokia 808 PureView Gallery

Nokia 808 PureView Video

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  1. Martin says:

    Awesome. That’s very interesting .

  2. Jon says:

    The new Nokia looks awesome! I can’t believe the quality of that camera.

  3. Soniya Sharma@ragging in college says:

    hello dear
    what a great post, wow Nokia promoting new cell phone nokia 808 pure view with 41 mega pixel camera i am sure i will purchased this cell phone

    Thank & Regard

  4. Mike says:

    I have recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3, and the only reasonable that was because the camera was as good as it was. looking at it now though Nokia really knocked out of the park and created the camera with a better pixel resolution than even thought was possible. does that mean I’ll return to a Nokia one day?

  5. Paula says:

    Haha. it really does look like Nokia have got their act together, let’s face it most users use their smart phone in a way that wears their camera and the function that takes it straight through to Facebook. apart from e-mails and the calculator I feel confident to say that’s why 99% of people have a smart phone.

  6. inshurancegeek says:

    pretty nice thing. I land up on the right page. I was looking for this information..

  7. Amit says:

    Awesome New look nokia handset really i can’t believe the quality of that camera.

  8. Great post Mohsin Ali Waheed, pretty nice thing. I land up on the right page. I was looking for this information..

  9. Hiren says:

    Nokia 808 that’s great smart phone but price is very high

  10. web development services says:

    Its awesome phone. I’ll definitely buy this phone. Camera is such a unbelievable 41 mega pixel. I seriously cant believe it. Now i would buy it. If any body have this phone please tell me about working and about camera. I would share this link with my friends. My friends are also like this post. Thanks to share a great post.

  11. Simon says:

    OMG this phone have really 41mp?? this is so awesome phone i want that one :)

    and really thanks for the review :)


  12. Reeja Mathews says:

    41Mp unbelievable
    No one use cameras then

  13. ccie certification says:

    Wawooo its a great smart phone.

  14. Martin says:

    OMG! 41 megapixels! it seems that Nokia is back to fight against Samsung. It’s interesting to see this phone specially it’s camera.

  15. Joseph Adediji says:

    This mobile device is DOPE! Thumbs up to Nokia.

  16. Mohsin ALi says:

    nice mobile phone dear whats its price?

  17. Abdul Ghaffar says:

    Its true that Nokia has mid budget phones. Mostly people has opinion about this that middle income and low income are able to buy Nokia with good condition and range. Nokia is pupolar in all over the world. Now Nokia has lounched the 808 with MegaPixel Camera

    Thanks Nokia

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