Nokia Asha 311 Fun Fast and Always Connected

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Its been a while since touch screen mobile phone have been introduced and the first company to introduce it was Apple with iPhone. But initially the touch screen mobiles were too expensive and common people can not buy this luxury. Soon after that other companies starting to produce their touch screen models and Nokia is one of them. Seen the cost of touch screen Nokia starts to produce two types of touch screen. One which is conventional i.e Capacitive Touch Screen and other is non conventional i.e Resistive Touch Screen but cheap. Nokia Asha 311 is the new budget but with high quality touch screen mobile phone for average daily life users.

nokia asha 311

Nokia Asha 311 Review

nokia asha three colorsCapacitive Touch Screen – The problem with Resistive Touch Screen is that its very slow as compared to the Capacitive Touch Screen and the quality of screen is also very low. That way you cannot enjoy the touch screen so one need to only use Capacitive Touch Screen in order to enjoy the touch experience. Here is a good news for you, Nokia has now introduced a low cost Capacitive touch screen mobile known as Nokia Asha 311 with all the features of high end mobile so that average user can also enjoy the latest world of touch.

Screen Resolution – Many other low end mobile phones of Nokia contains cheap resistive touch screen with low color resolution which means very dull experience but thanks to Nokia for providing Capacitive Touch screen in this low cost with color depth of 56K colors(not bad) and screen size of 3.0 inches with 240 x 400 pixels resolution.

nokia asha dual simMulti Touch – The other benefits of Capacitive touch screen is the multi-touch feature which was missing is resistive touch screen model. This will surly grab the intention of many users specially gamers who like to play games on smart phones. Now all these features are useless if the screen of the mobile is very ordinary but don’t worry with the help of Corning Gorilla Glass you will be able to enjoy every bit of it.

Processor – I was amazed to see the specs of Nokia Asha 311 so it has 1Ghz processor which is truly astonishing. It means that no jerks while surfing, browsing, playing games and watching movies on it. Its the amount of power required for a full fledged phone like this to have full peace of mind. Other features include Accelerometer and proximity so that you can play games with any controls.

angry birds on nokia asha 311Angry Birds – Do you like to play the world famous Angry Birds game on your mobile phone than you don’t have to worry because Nokia Asha 311 features also include Angry birds game.

Connectivity – In order to take the full advantage of excellent touch screen you also need to have connectivity options so that you can enjoy most of its features. WIFI is one of them which let you connect your smart phone to your fast internet and hence faster download speeds at low costs. Nokia provides Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n so that it can connect to the all internet devices easily.

nokia asha cameraCamera – Its amazing that now a days people just choose smart phone based on the mobile quality like mega pixels and they don’t want to waste money for buying Samsung st30 digital camera so they prefer mobile phone camera. Nokia Asha 311 has 3.15 Mega Pixel camera which is at higher side with 2048×1536 pixels resolution.

Conclusion – With the price tag of Rupees 11,500($126), Stereo FM radio with RDS and battery timing of up-to 6 hours this phone ideal for daily life person who is willing to pay less for more features. I would definitely recommend you this phone and you can choose from various colors like Dark Grey, Rose Red, Blue, Brown, and Sand White.

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  1. Rotulos Valencia says:

    Beautiful mobile. I think nokia is moving in the right direction.

  2. nithin says:

    looking nice please tell me Asha 311 price

  3. Which Operating System ? Mego or Symbian ? :P plz confirm i heard it have meego os

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No it has Symbian Nokia OS.

  4. Adams says:

    Nokia ! You Rock

    Damn interested in Reading the more Stuff like that.

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