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Xbox One vs Playstation 4

The anticipation for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one has been building since both systems were announced earlier this year at E3. While some gamers are die-hards who would never switch systems, the release of a … [Read More...]


LG G Pad Tablet Review, Worth the Price?

LG continues to play catch-up to Apple and Samsung. They appear to be gaining ground though with the release of their G Pad tablet. Their latest Android tablet aims to be a main competitor to the iPad as well … [Read More...]


Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review

Nowadays, huge smartphones are being called 'phablets'. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is one such device and as is apparent from its name has a large 6.3 inch display. Similar to the design of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy … [Read More...]


Google iGlass Project Review

Project Glass or iGlass is a project by Google to develop augmented reality glasses. The concept of these glasses was introduced in early 2012 on Google+ page. But the question why is it attracting so much … [Read More...]

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Sony Unveiled the PlayStation 4

If you are very found of gaming and specially the gaming consoles created by Sony than there is a good news for you that after almost 6 years they are going to launch PlayStation 4 in the last quarter of this … [Read More...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging small

Wireless Charging may be coming to Samsung Galaxy S4

Good news for Samsung smartphone users that Wireless Charging may be coming to Galaxy S4 so that you don't have to plugin your phone charger again. With the Universe S III probably the most well-known Android … [Read More...]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands on Video Leaked

In last year we saw the dramatic changes in the smartphone industry with revolutionary bigger and brighter touch screens, faster dual core processors, introduction of NFC and much more. The biggest hit of the … [Read More...]