Release Date of Microsoft Surface Tablet

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Surface is the first ever Microsoft-designed tablet computer which is a biggest rival to Apple’s iPad tablet. Although its very difficult to beat iPad with its features, durability, touch experience and high quality but Microsoft is saying that they have produce something out of the box and it will surly grab the attention of tablets users. The is no doubt the thinnest and most lightest tablet computer in the world right now NVIDIA system graphics chip makes it ever better. With 10.6 inches truly HD touchscreen its viewing experience is just amazing and full of fun.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Release Date

Last month we saw that Microsoft shows its tablet to public known as Microsoft Surface which people thinks that it will be iPad killer. Today they announce the release date and Microsoft Surface RT model tablet will be launched on Oct 26 2012. The tablet will be released with windows 8 operating system which is what most people are waiting for. The pro model will be release after 3 months period.

Microsoft is still not disclose the price of these models but unofficially reports are that these models will start from a price tag of $500 which is really good as compared o the features of the tablets. These models will contain ARM processors rather than Intel processors which you normally see in Microsoft products.

Surface Comparison with iPad

apple ipad vs microsoft surface

Surface Specs

Device type: Tablet
Operating System: Windows (RT)
Weight: 676 grams
System Chip: Nvidia Tegra ARM CPU
Display: 10.6 inch display
Thickness: 9.3mm
Built-in Storage: 32/64 Gb versions
External card slot: MicroSD card slot
Other options: MicroHD video, USB 2.0, 2×2 MIMO Wifi antennae, Battery 31.5 W-h, Front and rear facing HD cameras, Kickstand

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  1. Usama says:

    Expensive but they deserve to be expensive.

  2. klimatyzacja says:

    even this laptop looks good

  3. Julia E. Phipps says:

    Surly going to buy it as ipad sucks.

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