Samsung all set to Release the Flexible Touch Screen Smartphone

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Do you like smartphones with Flexible Touch Screen so that you can folder it and put it in your pocket or handbag easily. It seems funny but no one in this world can challenge the technology world because any thing can happen here. Samsung is all set to release the Foldable Touch Screen Smartphone in the early part of 2013. Of course these smartphones will be expansive as well as very fragile but the good thing is that you can hold them easily and fold them as well. Although the prototype of these phones have not yet being disclose to public but The News Tribe has released some of the photos in the press which are really astonishing.

samsung flexible smartphones
The screen material is totally unbreakable means if you drop your smartphone on the floor than it will not be broke which is really amazing. This is the main problem with all the mobile phones today that you cannot drop it otherwise you will broke it.

The News Tribe has also mention that next year smartphone industry will be totally revolution and these kinds of touch screens because Samsung is not the only company who has taken this initiative. The best part about these screens is that you can fold, Bend or even stretch it without damaging it. So get ready to step into the future and enjoy the folded screens.

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  2. jan says:

    Samsung don’t sell this tech to Apple

  3. Mobile application development says:

    Samsung has taken step forward towards the new generation of smart phones. It seem inspired from nokia’s future Morph technology but is not the same, the image shows there is stills some part of the devices that can’t be folded but it is definitely the future of smarter phones.

  4. Swaroop says:

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