Samsung Galaxy King Concept SmartPhone

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Samsung Galaxy King is a Rock Guitar type concept smartphone created by designer Shahin Jazirian. Unlike traditional phone with straight or curve edges the designer introduces a new kind of concept with angular edges which makes the smartphone a cool look. The only downside to this concept is that it uses more space and one cannot put too many features in this design. Like many other Samsung Galaxy phones this product is also produced in black and white editions. According to designer Shahin Jazirian the screen should be 5.0 inch full HD Super AMOLED for crystal clear result.

Samsung Galaxy King white
In order to make it the fastest phone designer recommended this phone with Exynos 5450 quad core Cortex A15 processor which is the fastest in the market right now. With 2 GB of RAM and 13 megapixel camera its surly be the next sensation after Apple iPhone 5. Smartphone without voice recognition is the thing of the past that’s why Samsung Galaxy King has S Voice and on top of its microphone has noise cancellation feature which makes your command stand out from the crowd.

Samsung Galaxy King black

Samsung Galaxy King white grid

Samsung Galaxy King black grid

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  3. sarika deshmukh@recruitment process outsourcing says:

    Hello Dear

    I read your article really what a concept great design nice color and beautiful voice and very interesting feature i was waiting for this smart phone really thanks for the sharing me

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  4. Tekonade says:

    whats with the odd shape…effect of the patent battle with apple i guess?

  5. Vendita Integratori Alimentari says:

    I love this mobile phone. I love the design. I want it :)

  6. adrian mendoza says:

    I am planning to buy ipnohe5 next month but after seeing this phone, i am having second thoughts! I love the design.

  7. Samuel says:

    Wow, you could easily take some one down with the corner of that phone!

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