Nokia Mixed Reality – The Future of Nokia 2013 Video

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If you are familiar with Google’s Augmented reality Glasses than their is a good news for you that Nokia is also working on this type of project with code name Nokia Mixed Reality. The video is release by Nokia Future Technologies which is the department responsible for all new updates. Mainly they are focusing on three types of gadgets Gaze-Tracking eyewear Glasses, 3D audio ear phones and Wrist watch which can totally respond to your gestures and commands. Now these gadgets are supposed to be released in year 2013 so we are at the verge of getting all these products in our hands.

nokia mixed reaility
First and most attracting device between all these gadgets is Gaze-Tracking eyewear which allows you to browse and select with your eyes movement. As you can clearly see in the video below that girl is selecting the menu items with her eye moving up or downwards.

nokia glasses

Second most interesting device is 3D Ear phones which allows you to find and hear with 3D audio. With this device you can easily send signals to other Nokia phone with in range. The third gadget is Haptic Wrist Device which can be used to feel and fetch media. Now enjoy the video and lets hope that soon these products will be available to us.

nokia 3d audio

The Future of Nokia 2013 Video

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