Windows 8 is Coming – First Commercial Released

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Microsoft windows 8 release date is announced and its first ever commercial is also being launched today. It will be released on 26 October 2012, Steven Sinofsky who is the president of Windows Live Division at Microsoft disclose this information at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting. After the success of Windows 7 many critics are saying that Windows 8 may not impress many due to its support of touch interface which requires less input from keyboard and mouse. Its being three years since Microsoft released Windows 7 which was a huge success after the failure of Windows Vista. The much more anticipating feature of it is its compatibility with touch devices such as tablets computers. You can read a detailed post on all you need to know about Windows 8 here.

windows 8
Now obviously you can buy new version of Windows 8 or pre-order it form Microsoft website in full price but if you have Windows 7 full retail version than you can also upgrade it to Windows 8 in just $40 which is very affordable. Also Microsoft is running a campaign in which you can buy a new PC today and later on upgrade the Windows operating system of that computer to Windows 8 in just $15 which is really great. The new version will be available to you from $100 to $220 so get ready or pre-order next generation of windows now.

On the other hand if you could wait for few more day than all new PC’s will shipped with Windows 8 OEM version so it does not cost you extra. Also Microsoft Surface tablet computer will also available from 26 October so its better to wait few more days and than decide which thing you want to buy.

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Today Microsoft also released the first ever commercial of Windows 8 which is very energetic, aggressive and refreshing ad. It seems that they are focusing much more on the creating ads and one of the examples is the introductory ad of surface tablet which really shock the world. The advertisement clearly shows the touch friendliness of the Operating system and we can also easily see the keyboard attached to the surface tablet. They also changed the solo to “Windows reimagined“.

source: The Verge

First Commercial

CES 2012: Windows 8 Demo

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  1. Erda says:

    I hope it will be a success.

  2. Soniya Sharma says:

    Hi Mohsin, Really This is Wonderful News for all the people. Now Window 8 is coming in the market and i hope it will be new concept with nice features well thanks for sharing with us.

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